Pictures Plus Incorporated started as the brainchild of founder Tim Chisholm, an Industrial Engineering graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology.
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Pictures Plus Incorporated
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After many years managing Quality Control in the plastic injection molding industry, Tim joined an associate in the framed art world, who was gearing up for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Tim soon realized he could provide a much higher level of service at a better price than the typical framing business, by making one critical switch in the business model....that is, to change the location where the design work is done, from the frame shop to the client's office (or home, church, school...).

Pictures Plus began operations in 1998, and was an instant hit with businesses, homeowners, interior designers, remodelers...By eliminating the gallery and showroom, Pictures Plus has the flexibility to serve in ways not found in other framing businesses.  And we have expanded our services to include some very non-standard operating methods, such as being available 24/7, and creating artwork and displays foreign to the framed art community.

Currently, our clients are split approximately 50/50 between residential and commercial clients, and again approximately 50/50 between framing and installation-only clients.  With now 19 years under our belt, we've framed and installed at least one of just about everything imaginable...and we LOVE every new challenge!